Clemence & George British wedding Bastide D’astres

6 August 2017

Clemence and George’ Wedding – Bastide D’Astres in Lançon de Provence

by Christophe Serrano, International Wedding Photographer – France

It was in Bandol that I met for the first time with Clemence and Georges in order to discuss their needs for a wedding photographer.

She is French and he is English, they live in London. The Wedding took place a few months after we met, on the border of Provence and Lubéron in the magnificent Bastide D’Astres. It is a typical dwelling amongst the Bastides and castles in the area of Aix-en-Provence. It is located on a domain of 260 hectares with a small pond where nature is predominant and you can find peacocks and other animals playing around. There is also a French garden that invites to rest and relaxation.

It is here, by the swimming pool of the domain that I joined Clemence who was getting prepared in the superb rooms of the country house with her best man and woman. I feel especially lucky as a photographer to have covered a wedding in such a beautiful place. It was a delight. Beyond the laughs and the good mood, I was able to shoot many moments of complicity during the preparations, and that is without counting the meeting with the great hairdresser David Chavey.

The ceremony took place in english inside the superb church of Lambesq with gorgeous English songs. The Scottish kilts and typical tailcoats of British weddings mingling with the ladies’ hats.

The cocktail and the evening reception then took place at the Bastide d’Astres with a cocktail served in the gardens and around the swimming pool. Clemence and Georges only wished for some simple, authentic couple pictures that we took in the field in front of the bastide. The light of the end of that day was magical and was here just to embellish this atmosphere.


Photo equipment and services:

On this wedding, I worked in digital with my two Nikon DF cases and some fixed optics. My work as a wedding photographer was facilitated by the contribution of a second shooter this day. We worked completely in natural lights with a treatment typically rendered films Kodak Portra 400 film.

Christophe Serrano Wedding Photographer in Provence


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