Engagement cession with Lisa et Franck at Porquerolles France

17 August 2016

Engagement cession with Lisa et Franck at Porquerolles France

It was at the first workshop for wedding photographer Stories and details organized by Nessa Buonomo Blog bride barefoot I had the opportunity to shoot an engagement session with Lisa and Frank on the beaches of Porquerolles.

Nessa - Christophe Serrano-2Nessa - Christophe Serrano-181Christophe Serrano photographe mariage



For this shoot, I worked mainly with film. Black and white were made with an old Nikon Fm2 all mechanics and color film photos with a Contax 645 and film Portra 400. The laboratory has developed and chanted all that is Carmencita Lab in Spain. Photos are gross output of the film.


Nessa - Christophe Serrano-11Nessa - Christophe Serrano-158Nessa - Christophe Serrano-104Nessa - Christophe Serrano-96Nessa - Christophe Serrano-148-1Nessa - Christophe Serrano-44Nessa - Christophe Serrano-50Nessa - Christophe Serrano-159


For this session, we tried to take advantage of the morning light and warm, natural colors that we offered the landscape of the island of Porquerolles.


Nessa - Christophe Serrano-153Nessa - Christophe Serrano-120Nessa - Christophe Serrano-114Nessa - Christophe Serrano-83Nessa - Christophe Serrano-21-1
Nessa - Christophe Serrano-157Nessa - Christophe Serrano-127-1


A special effort was to detail, textures and vegetation in order to achieve maximum consistency of color. The idea for this photo shoot was to simplify to the maximum. Then I tried to work with light as I like to do while searching among my lover maximum complicity

Nessa - Christophe Serrano-46Nessa - Christophe Serrano-111

Nessa - Christophe Serrano-163Nessa - Christophe Serrano-76Nessa - Christophe Serrano-195Nessa - Christophe Serrano-171-1Nessa - Christophe Serrano-117Nessa - Christophe Serrano-90Nessa - Christophe Serrano-193-1Nessa - Christophe Serrano-63Nessa - Christophe Serrano-27Nessa - Christophe Serrano-38Nessa - Christophe Serrano-21Nessa - Christophe Serrano-13


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